Dilawri Preferred is a members-only benefit program that is available to employees or affiliates of selected approved companies and organizations across Canada.


Members receive personal concierge service as well as Preferred Pricing on new vehicles purchased or leased from any of Dilawri’s dealerships in Regina.


How Does It Work?

After submitting a simple online application via a private website, members are guided through the purchase process by a dedicated Dilawri Concierge. Their concierge will gather and review quotes on the member’s behalf, arrange appointments and test drives, answer queries and make sure that the buying process is a smooth, hassle-free experience.


How Much Does It Cost?

Membership to Dilawri Preferred is completely free of charge, subject to approval of your company or organization.

How Do I Become a Member?

Although the program is not available directly to individuals, your company or organization may be eligible to join.

Combinable with your existing discount program

Does your firm or organization already have discount programs in place with certain manufactures? If so, most of these credits and corporate discounts can be combined with your Preferred Pricing to make an already great deal even better.

Dilawri Preferred Pricing

We use a transparent pricing model, the full details of which are only available to members. Pricing is based on a small per-negotiated mark-up over dealers cost, meaning that members always know what to expect and how much we are making on the deal – no haggling required.

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